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Mi 5s - 12MP Camera and Sony IMX378 Image Sensor Explained. - lvlirza - 09-30-2016

[Image: 154707wggh0q0cn4qcg1h4.png.thumb.jpg]

Hello MIUI Fans!

So by now you all must have heard the news about our brand new Mi 5s. And you all are very excited to know more about the device. So today we gonna start with the most important aspect you all see in a mobile phone, that is the camera. Yes, the camera is one of the chosing factor while picking a mobile phone for yourself because we use very often to display or share day to day activities on social media and we want our pictures to be the best to stand out in the social crowd. So let's jump in and know more about what the Mi 5s has packed inside it's hood in the camera department.

[Image: 154708uptwsyjklbt251k9.png.thumb.jpg]

The Mi 5s has a 12 Mega Pixels 6P lens, i.e. comprised of 6 different components. The lens has has an aperture of 2.0 and the lens is very similar to our previous generation original Mi 5 in terms of quality, but this time we have coupled the lens with the amazing Sony IMX78 Sensor. This one of the best camera sensors for the mobile phones as it is huge for it's size but still yet compact to fit in a mobile phone. It's not the lens Mega Pixels that just defines the camera quality, it's the camera sensors size which will at the end define the image quality, bigger the sensor, better the images. But larger the sensor, the expensive the camera assembly. But Xiaomi has kept it's legacy to provide the best in class premium hardware and yet make it affordable.

[Image: 154709yryawuse5u73shoo.png.thumb.jpg]

So we used a large 1/2.3 inch Sony IMX378 sensor inside the Mi 5s.

[Image: 011532bgjtqaa3znjq6a16.png.thumb.jpg]

If you compare it to the sensor inside the iPhone 6s Plus which is presumed to be one of the best mobile photography camera, then the IMX378 is 59% larger than it.

[Image: 154711q1jy7hi6yy6yxswd.png.thumb.jpg]

The 1.55μm large pixel size is what makes the sensor capture more light and thus creating awesome pictures in low light conditions.

[Image: 154712g70f17y0v2p01gy0.png.thumb.jpg]

Here's a quick side-by-side comparison of the Mi 5s on the left with iPhone 6s Plus and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and you can see the Mi 5s is not under exposed and neither is over exposedand the colors are just perfect as compared to others.

[Image: 154713yk6cw77ps11vtq1t.png.thumb.jpg]

The skin tones are more natural on the Mi 5s (Center)

[Image: 154714ovuk30cpnspi0skj.png.thumb.jpg]

The images are not under or over saturated either.

[Image: 154715wq55sj1tg7gv2g2g.png.thumb.jpg]

And we zoom in a little further and we can see the images is not over process to remove noise and has even sharpness and more natural look to it as compared to others where the images are over-processed for noise reduction in-turn affecting the photograph and losing the subjects natural skin texture.

Let's quickly look at few more similar comparisons

[Image: 154716e969j71a7aiz7a7a.png.thumb.jpg]

[Image: 154717yvcx3ghx2zg72hhi.png.thumb.jpg]

[Image: 154719hodg146ndjnzjjm8.png.thumb.jpg]


[Image: 154720rasxtvjzxfjj644j.png.thumb.jpg]

[Image: 154721jhmfzth28r4mntt6.png.thumb.jpg]

That is not all.

[Image: 163201wh1d1lhdqh6ptdh1.png.thumb.jpg]

The Snapdragon 821 SoC has onboard Spectra Image Signal Processor now in it's 2nd generation and the processor harnesses the newest innovations in mobile photography to redefine today’s camera capabilities, Dual Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF). Supported by the latest 14-bit image sensors, hybrid autofocus and multi-sensor fusion algorithms. The Qualcomm Spectra camera ISPcaptures a wider range of colors.


So let's see some awesome pictures clicked with the Mi 5s.

[Image: 154723ponozrrsiqo833nz.png.thumb.jpg]

[Image: 154724zdbbg04fwaxksfax.png.thumb.jpg]

[Image: 154725kv9iysx0fcjsrsri.png.thumb.jpg]

[Image: 154727aw300uc7w4aax99w.png.thumb.jpg]

[Image: 154728rp4wf1opfzep3u1s.png.thumb.jpg]

Let's summarize the camera tech in the Mi 5s
[Image: 154729x10lm015o33om315.png.thumb.jpg]

RE: Mi 5s - 12MP Camera and Sony IMX378 Image Sensor Explained. - ghulamyasin - 10-01-2016

Mi5s is best Phone.

RE: Mi 5s - 12MP Camera and Sony IMX378 Image Sensor Explained. - Jambopk - 12-27-2016

Xiaomi Mi series and Oneplus mobiles are a bit cheaper alternative to Samsung S7 - Flagship series and Apple's iPhone 7 series....