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2017 New Game-Police Truck Animals Transport - samreen - 11-17-2016

Police Truck driving game is all about the courage, passion and braveness to transport animals from jungle to zoo or out of city on the sea side where farmhouse located. This is different police game where a police always found to catch criminals. But in this beautiful environment with heavy truck trailers on cage loaded with animals to transport in the zoo. Few animals escaped from zoo towards city and jungle. Honor your duty to get them all back in the zoo loading in cage. Enjoy the wonderful journey.
Being a police officer your duty is protect citizens as called you to transport animals from jungle to zoo which is near to populated city. Be careful, in case of any damage will harm to people. Police transport games and transport truck games were not easy to play but a gentle policeman can honor duty and anything while on his/her duty. Drive vehicle to transport angry lion and protect all citizens. So, ensure safe transportation of animals like tiger and lions are in your hand. Show your truck driving skills as policeman you have given training for this.
[Image: byoUfO4o4r49AWnZoaiDhtSJV5wxj4FVTLwssGJG...iw=h900-rw]

Download Free:  Police Truck Animals Transport

- Different jumbo police truck / trailer which is no need to unlock
- Realistic truck control and physics
- Cool jungle, city and zoo environment
- Original police truck sounds and animal animation
- Multiple challenging levels from jungle to zoo
- 100% free game 

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