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AppLock: The Security System for Unprotected Mobile Apps - ethanleung - 11-24-2016

Applock is a free app lock privacy protector which can lock any individual apps, phone settings and switches to prevent intruders and snoopers from seeing your private data and keep children from messing up your settings, accidentally deleting important things or making in-app purchase via PIN, passcode and pattern lock through several features

[Image: tumblr_ogtjhtAMAD1sxao59o1_400.png]

√Lock any apps(SMS, SNS, Photos, Videos, Facebook, WhatsApp)
√Lock apps via Password and Pattern Lock
√Fake lock disguise the lock screen with Fake Force Closed Pop up
√Hide sensitive photos and videos with private safe vault
√Catch intruders breaking in your private contents
√Personalize and beautify your lock screen with well-designed wallpaper
√DIY Locker to decorate your screen with your own photos


-Lock apps with password or pattern lock protection
-Lock system settings like Settings, Contacts, and WIFI. NEVER worry about your phone privacy get unauthorized access.
-Lock social apps, photos and videos. Protect your private contents away from prying eyes
-Lock games and shopping apps. Keep children from accidentally making in-app purchase or buying necessary items
-Lock work related apps. Secure your important work stuffs or private messages from malicious leakage.

★Fake Cover Lock and Replace App Icon:
-Force Stop shows a fake crash screen to those who want to access your phone
-Fingerprint Lock stop unauthorized access
-Replace AppLock icon with Alarm Clock, Weather and Calculator on home screen

★Intruder Selfie:
-Take selfies of those who trying to break in your phone
-Record the time and data in app for check

[Image: tumblr_ogtjvun1Eo1sxao59o1_540.jpg]

With AppLock, never worry about exposing your privacy and private data to friends
With AppLock, never worry about kids change your phone settings or make in-app purchase

Play store:

RE: AppLock: The Security System for Unprotected Mobile Apps - NicoletteSHurley - 01-11-2017

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