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MIUI Forum General Rules and Guidelines - ghulamyasin - 03-02-2017

Salam MIUI Friends

Welcome to Pakistan MIUI Forum,
The Rules and Guidelines are made for maintain the forum well and informative please read and follows these rules MIUI PK Forum.

General rules
1. General rules is the main rules of "Xiaomi MIUI Official Pakistani Forum " The members must respect general rules.

2. English language is a primary and Roman Urdu is secondary language of our Xiaomi MIUI Official Pakistani Forum. If you don't know English language, please use google translator.

3. Use the forum Search function before posting your topic. If you can’t find any relevant subtopics.

4. Selling or buying devices and gadgets not allowed. Don't share 3rd party selling links via post/threads not allowed. Any type of advertising, job offering and income generation in threads, replies, PM will be deleted and user will be warned one time, second time he/she will be banned for minimum 14 days!

5. Thread title should be clear. Do not post unclear title.

6. Pornographic, excessively vulgar, discrimination, nudity, profanity, racism and swear not be allowed.

7. Spams will be deleted without question. Ex-Thanks, smiles, off topic. If you keep on posting on and on, you will be warned / banned. Don't post just thread link from another thread.

8. Duplicate threads are not allowed and will be deleted.

9. This is a friendly community so flame wars will not be tolerated. And Flamer, will be dealt accordingly.

10. Fighting with another user(s) is prohibited here. Please be polite to another user. Don't use any disturbing words here.

11. Don’t use abusing language if any person found guilty will be ban without warning.

12. Please post your thread concern section if create thread in wrong section we will move concern section.

13. Every user must be followed and know these rules.

14. Admin has rights to change, add or amend any rules.

MIUI PK Management Team

Administrator   - admin
Super Moderator   - Muhammad Adeel Rana, humais3, ghulamyasin
Moderator  -  lvlirza
Note: For more info, you can contact Admin, Super Moderators or Moderators.
Thanks Admin for helping making these rules.

RE: MIUI Forum General Rules and Guidelines - anand123 - 03-11-2017

Awesome post